Welcome to the open digital differentiation tools page. This page is as a repository for digital tools, such online tools or browser plug-ins, smartphone/tablet apps or other cloud based services. The intent of this page is for Open products that are not branded (iPhone/iPad only apps) and are Free for all Education Users. Applications or services that are branded or fee based should be on another page.


Tools in this subheading are designed to help students interact with text.
  • BighugelabsIt helps students create a MAGAZINE COVER with their text summary.
  • Epubbud It is an online ebook creator. Students read and then create their own ebooks.


Tools in this subheading are designed to help students produce text.
  • Ginger It is a browser plug-in that is a robust spelling and grammar checker.
  • Google Docs Collaborative writing
  • WriteBoard Sharable web-based documents
  • Zoho Writer Online word processor - create, connect, collaborate
  • Wikipaces is another collaborative space
  • Evernote is a cross-platform note taking tool that allows you and/or your students to take notes. Text, pictures, voice memos and more are automatically synced across all your devices: save once, save everywhere.
  • Storybird helps you or your pupils to create short, visual, digital stories.
  • Wordle allows users to create customisable word clouds from any given texts or web address and it’s an excellent tool for text analysis.


Tools in this subheading are designed to help students to present their products.
  • Prezi It is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides.
  • PhotoPeach is a slide show maker simple enough for young children to use independently. It easily allows you to add text to slides for added impact.
  • SlideRocket: It allows students to create presentations or upload your existing PowerPoint files. You can collaborate with teamworks to work on presentations, and each presentation can be shared by a URL or embedded in websites and blogs.


Tools in this subheading are designed to help students to perform math.


Tools in this subheading are designed to help students access content in the breadth of academic domains, such as social studies, science, languages, and fine arts.


Tools in this subheading are designed for multidisciplinary use and can be used across contexts.
  • Lucidchart It is free to Educators and Students, it is a Google Apps compatible product (Works in Google Drive/Docs) and is a mind-mapping or charting software.

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